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Booty bumps

A drug can be absorbed by the mucous skin of the arse hole or inside lining of the arse, where it gets into the bloodstream and is taken to the brain. This is known as a booty bump.

Powdered drugs can be dabbed or rubbed into the lining of the arse with a finger. Pills or powdered drugs wrapped in cigarette paper can also be stuffed into the arse.

Sometimes a drug in its liquid form (or powder or crushed pills added to water) is put in a syringe with no needle in it, and then inserted through the arsehole to be squirted into the inside of the arse.

Drugs taken anally are absorbed faster than if swallowed and tend to have a stronger effect.

Rubbing a drug on or into the arse can numb the area or irritate it, causing it to bleed or get inflamed, making it easier for infections to pass in or out of this part of the body.

Drugs sometimes taken this way include mephedronecocaine and crystal meth. Mephedrone can burn the lining of your arse, causing pain, bleeding and making haemorrhoids (piles) more likely.

Know the slang

‘Dabbing’ is when a powdered drug is put on a finger which then is put up the arse.

‘Stuffing’ means putting powdered drug wrapped in a cigarette paper into the arse or inserting a pill up the arse.

Be aware that ‘dabbing’ and ‘stuffing’ mean more risk of the drug burning your arse lining because it’s not been dissolved in water – and a damaged lining leaves you more open to infections.

Safer booty bumping

Some drugs such as GBL are so caustic (GBL can melt some plastics) that you should not attempt to booty bump them, as the lining of your arse is too delicate and it could cause serious damage.

If you’re going to put a drug up your arse, dissolving it in water and squirting it in with a fresh needleless syringe can reduce the chances of it burning or damaging the lining of your arse.

However, sharing a needleless syringe once it’s been inside someone else’s arse has a risk of passing STIs like gonorrhoea or hep C between men, particularly if the lining of their arse has been damaged by arse play or drugs. Dabbing drugs into more then one arse without cleaning the finger could also spread infections.

Never share needleless syringes.

A clean one for each arse is needed, but if you find yourself in a situation where you know you’ll share one, the syringe should be thoroughly cleaned with boiling water each time it’s used on a new person – this doesn’t guarantee complete safety though.

As with any arse play, infections like shigella or hepatitis A can transfer in tiny pieces of shit. Making sure you thoroughly clean hands and toys can help reduce the chances.

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Published: 30/08/2018
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