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Some drugs go hand in hand with clubbing. Drugs like ecstasy (MDMA) and poppers were used on the club scene long before sex parties and chillouts.

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Pre-club drinks (alcoholic) can be dangerous if you’re taking drugs at the club later. Mixing alcohol with GBL/GHB is extremely dangerous and can result in a coma or even death.

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If you’re picking up drugs for your mates and you’re stopped and searched by the police you could be charged with possession with intent to supply, a very serious offence.

On the door

Many clubs will search you before going in. You can refuse but they’ll probably refuse you entry.

They cannot search inside clothes without your permission, and they can never perform a strip search.

In the club

Look out for your mates. Know what they’ve taken so that you can tell medical staff if they start to feel unwell.

If someone starts to panic or have a bad time, take them somewhere quiet and keep them calm. Tell them it’s just the drugs and that the effects will wear off.

G and dosing

It can be much harder to keep track of time in a club, or to find a place to measure out a dose of G accurately with good lighting – both of which can make overdosing on G much more likely.

Pre-mixing G doses (measured with a syringe) in plastic takeaway fish (used for soy sauce) can be a way to reduce some of the risks around dosing in clubs.

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It’s important to stay hydrated, especially if the club is hot or if you’re dancing a lot.

Make sure you have regular non-alcoholic drinks like water or Lucozade.

Remember that drinking too much can be harmful as well, leading to water intoxication (hyponatraemia).

Mixing drugs

Read our page about mixing drugs. The same rules apply for the club as they do anywhere else.

After the club

If you’ve been taking drugs, don’t drive home. They can affect your reactions as much as, or more than, alcohol. If convicted of driving under the influence (of drugs or alcohol), you’ll lose your licence and may have to re-sit your test.

When the lights come up (or even before), you might decide to carry on partying at a chillout.

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Published: 29/08/2018
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