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Rest up so you have the stamina to get you through the partying and the comedown. If you have a big weekend planned, try to take it easy the weekend before. It also might be worth booking some time off work afterwards to recover too.

Stock up at home or when you’re out clubbing with:

  • drinks to rehydrate you (isotonic sports drinks are good, as long as they don’t contain caffeine)
  • healthy, easy to prepare food to replenish your body
  • lollies or chewing gum to ease jaw clenching and teeth grinding if you’re taking MDMA or amphetamines
  • lip balm for dried lips
  • condoms and lube.

Get some nourishment

Consider taking a multivitamin once a day before and after partying. Eat well before and over a long weekend.

A starchy, heavy meal including rice, pasta, bread, potatoes or noodles before you start gives you more slow-release energy to keep you going. As you might not feel like cooking or shopping, have food which is easy to prepare ready in the fridge for when you get home.

Don’t forget your supply

Make sure you have easy access to condoms and water-based lube (on you and back at home) even if you’re not planning to fuck – at least you’ll be prepared if it happens. Take latex gloves too if fisting might be on the cards.

If you take HIV drugs make sure you have a supply on you and/or where you might end up, such as at a friend’s or boyfriend’s house.

If you miss a dose you can take it within an hour or two of the time it should have been taken. If you forget, don’t take double the next time you’re due to take your pills, just the normal amount.

Ask your doctor how late you can take your particular drugs. If you keep missing doses of your HIV drugs the virus can start to get resistant to the meds you take.

Set a curfew

Try to arrange a curfew time with friends – basically a time to stop partying and go home.

Agree on this before you start and try to put some things in place which will help you stick to this (not taking out more money for drugs, leaving with a friend, avoiding going on Grindr on the way home).

Make sure you’re clued up about mixing drugs.

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Published: 30/08/2018
Next review: 30/08/2021