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Safer use

How you take a drug affects how quickly you start to feel its effects and how strong they are. Depending on how the drug enters you, it can damage different parts of the body.

How a drug is taken can influence how likely you are to get addicted to it. Smoking and injecting drugs cause the biggest concentration of chems in the blood in a very short amount of time. This gives the fastest, strongest hit and a greater chance you will become addicted.


  • Know your dealer – always buy your drugs from someone you trust and who knows what they’re selling.
  • Don’t be alone – if you overdose or have a bad experience, you’ll need help.
  • Bad batches happen – try a small sample of a new batch first to avoid overdosing.
  • Have condoms and lube with you – stimulants can make you horny.

Knowing about the specific risks with taking drugs in different ways can help you to keep these as safe as possible:

Find out about different entry methods, and how to keep these as safe as possible:

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Published: 30/08/2018
Next review: 30/08/2021