Get help now


Take your essentials:

  • condoms and water-based lube
  • enough cash to get home safely
  • your HIV meds if you’re on them
  • a phone charger or charge pack
  • lollies or gum.

Stay hydrated

Dress so that you don’t overheat or get dehydrated in the club. Make use of the cloakroom and have warm clothes to wear to the club or chillout and back.

Remember that both alcohol and chems dehydrate your body, so keep up your liquid intake, especially if you’re dancing or having long sex sessions. Piss getting darker or not pissing very often is a sign you need more fluids.

But too much water is just as dangerous. No more than a pint of non-alcoholic liquid each hour is recommended.

Take care of yourself

Even though you probably won’t be hungry, try to eat something – even if it’s just fruit, a smoothie or a yoghurt.

If you wear a cock ring at a chillout, remember to take it off periodically to give your cock time to recover and avoid damaging it.

Take breaks from dancing or having sex so that your body can cool down and have a rest.

If you’re going to another party the next night, try to rest or sleep in-between, even a few hours will help.

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Published: 30/08/2018
Next review: 30/08/2021