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Other support

There might not be many services in your area, or you might not feel ready to talk to someone yet. These resources might give you some useful insights or exercises which can help you to make some changes:

Sex addiction/sexual compulsion

For many gay men, sexual compulsion and drugs go hand-in-hand. Breaking the habit with drugs may also be about breaking the habit of looking for hook-ups. Cruise Control by Robert Weiss is a great book which talks you through why sex may have become a problem, and how you can make some changes.

Sex Addicts Anonymous holds meetings across the UK, similar to Narcotics Anonymous, and could also be a useful place to check out.


One of the main reasons why drugs and sex might cause problems is when we use them to cover up other problems. Mindfulness is a really simple technique which you can teach yourself. It helps you to reduce stress and worrying and be in more control of your emotions. There are lots of simple guides available and there are some online courses – you often have to pay for these but it’s worth finding out what is available in your area.

National services from Terrence Higgins Trust


Whether you are newly diagnosed with HIV or have been managing your condition for many years, Terrence Higgins Trust’s myHIV website is a place where you can access:

  • free online counselling
  • free online advice
  • tools to help you manage your HIV
  • support to improve your health and wellbeing
  • community forums.

THT Direct

THT Direct provides support, advice and information when you need it and in a way that suits you.

Advisers can provide emotional support if you are worried about your sexual health or have concerns about living with HIV. They can help you access services local to you across the UK, whether provided by us or by someone else.